El Guac-Oh
I just got back from a weekend of downhill at Whiteface. It is my 4th time there and I SERIOUSLY recommend it for anybody here that likes some DH action.
The trails are awesome, wicked technical, steep, rocky, rooty stuff!! and they have a double teeter totter that it is out of this world :getsome: :getsome: !!

Check out http://www.downhillmike.com/.
Shout out to "Downhill" Mike, he's been doing a lot of hard work there. Super nice guy, he will even let you camp at his place if you want to save some $$$.

They also have a shuttle service for some XC trails, which I haven't done in a while, but I understand they have been adding more trails to their network.

Plus @ night you can go to Lake Placid for great food and great bars 😎

And if you need a bike shop, my buddy has his shop in Keene Valley: Leepoff Cycles.

Damn, I sound like a commercial. 😛
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