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Does anyone know if it is OK to ride through the section of the white trail that leads up to Chimney Rock Road north of the baseball fields.Just before you hit the main road the trail cuts through peoples backyards, I know their yards are fenced in but I just rode through there and someone was in the backyard and looked at me strange.Just wondering if many others access that area of the white trail.:hmmm:


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Thanks for the 411!! Reason I asked about this is because I usually park in the Newmans Ln parking lot and ride the red,white & blue trails.Decided to explore and found this brought me to CR rd and to the baseball field parking lot just down the road there and I knew there are more trails on that side from talking to fellow riders I run into but just never tried them out(orange & yellow).I didnt get too much time today to explore those trails and am just wondering how they compare to the trails on the Newmans Ln side?Thanks again:)

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all i know about that side is when you go down and the baseball fields are on your right ride down along side those stairs over the bridge and you have a loop on your left side and if you cross the creek and then the street there is a good climb with switch backs when you get to the top i usually go straight and go down a pretty tech downhill out to the road cross over and its a wide trail along the water that leads you back to newmans lot...i never really noticed they were marked just a red one


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There are some yellow trails on the other side of the river. CR will be one of the MTBNJ rides this summer maybe we can explore them then.


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PM MTB Aussie and/or jimvreeland. They know that place better than the back of their respective hands.

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