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Went for a ride with my son around Turkey Brook Park and found the White Trail down by Maier's Pond. Never knew it existed but it was fun! Trail runs around the park and supposedly starts at Mt. Olive High School, but we lost the blazes and ended up on some private property before the school. From school, followed along Flanders rd. and detoured to the Mt. Olive open spaces greenway. Trail is supposed to end on Goldmine rd. If maintained a little more, this would be a awesome ride as it is very flowy in some spots and moderately technical in others. Just trying to spread the word and get more recognition for this gem of a trail.


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Yup, this little trail starts, for me any, off Goldmine road, right where they used to have the barriers up to keep gold mine road closed off from the Country Oaks development. Closest street is Tanglewood. I live in the Country Oaks and use this trail a night or two a week for after work rides. Connect with the stuff over at Turkey Brook and we'll get in 7 to 8 miles. nothing to write home about, but like you said a little of everything. The convenience thing is huge. Just a note, tree came down about 150 yards in from the Goldmine entrance last week, occasionally the town sends some one thru, I'll have to remember to make a call to them. I'll do a little here and there as well. Get out there and use it and enjoy


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Connect with the stuff over at Turkey Brook and we'll get in 7 to 8 miles.
I know this thread is old, but it's the only relevant thing I can find on google. Is there a decent way to get from Dickerson Mine to Turkey Brook Park? The railroad tracks behind the Ledgewood Mall look promising, but it looks like there's some green space/parks between there that might have trails too. I see there are blazed trails in Veteran's Park, but I'm not sure how bike friendly they are, and they also don't really seem to line up that well for getting me there. Ultimately I'm looking to get from Dickerson Mine to Stephens with as little road as possible. Looks like I can get from Turkey Brook Park to Gold Mine Rd and then cut through some neighborhoods and stuff, unless there's a better way?
So those train tracks are still in use or at least one of the rt 10 crossings are since there is another set of tracks crossing farther east by about 2 miles.

Anyway, if you don't want to get there as fast or short as possible you can take west morris green way and go all these round about ways but your better off just taking Eyland to flanders/netcong getting on the mount olive trail system and then exiting by 46 on old bud lake rd crossing 46 using international drive and riding international drive into stephens

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So those train tracks are still in use
Yeah, #yolo.

Anyway, if you don't want to get there as fast or short as possible you can take west morris green way and go all these round about ways
Yeah, thought about doing the Marty's Patriot's Path Epic (http://connect.garmin.com/course/3349658) but that's too much railbed and is too far out of the way.

Almost forgot veterans trail map just incase
Yeah, I saw that map, but I don't have any idea what those trails are like.


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There used to be trails from Morris canal area in Ledgewood up to Mooney Mountain and then you could get up into Mt Olive by Drakesdale rd but I think the are mostly gone since they built those houses on Fenimore Dump.


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So I went and checked out Turkey Brook Park today, and it was great! I mean, I'm not gonna drive there from Parsippany to ride because the Mooch parks are bigger and better, but they were some really nice local trails. If you live nearby, you should definitely check it out. Some of the "unmarked" stuff was a bit maze-like, but the marked trails were easy to navigate. The white trail coming down to Goldmine Rd was really fun! I didn't bother checking out Veteran's Park or the railroad tracks.


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Veterans is a bit of a mess right now. I built/blazed the Red trail in 2015. It was *supposed* to be the new Flagship trail in town and got some local press...and as @mattybfat mentioned, yeah, i did get some recognition for it. BUT when i blew out my knee in 2016 and a whole lotta life happened, my days of single handedly cutting and maintaining all the trails in Roxbury came to an abrupt end and no one stepped in.

That said, trails are becoming a huge priority in town and and the possibility of a bike way connecting Veteran's/Mooney Mountain to the Greenway (and as it was last told to me, to Dickerson) is a real thing.

It's a bummer to me b/c I literally put 200+ hours into scouting and laying out trails here, ultimately having a 5+ mile loop in Veterans as well as finding a connector down to Ledgewood park where I laid in another 2+. The terrain is great and there is a ton of potential...but it's FAR TO BIG a project for just me.