white tail deer hunting 07/08 Hartshorne


Just got a letter from the parks that says:
"The hunting season at Hartshorne Park will be Jan 13 09 - Jan 29 09... Following dates: Jan 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, and 29. for bow, shotgun, and muzzle loader, from half hour before sunrise- 11 am... Park will reopen at noon"

it goes on to talk about signs posted and Rangers positioned, but i figured i might be able to help someone avoid a drive to a closed park.


Good to know.

I guess that gang of bad-ass deer I saw smoking cigarettes and drinking beers in the Buttermilk valley parking lot finally pushed the locals too far.


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Thanks for the update, I guess I be stuck on my road bike or the gym those days. I know that thinning the population is a necessary evil to prevent starvation, disease, and traffic accidents, but it's pretty unfair to hunt there. We see the same 10 deer in the same spots everyday. They've become so accustomed to people and they allow you to get close enough that some days I think you could tackle one (I wouldn't advocate this). The hunters should skip the camo and wear cycling clothes, they'd probably have better luck.

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