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getting my wife lauren an early x-mas present. titus motolite getting base compnent package which come with choice of fox talas R or fox F100 R. Any suggestions. She is coming off a hardtail with an 80mm fork and she does race sport. bike shop recommends talas but to me the other seems more suited to racing.


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Magura is nice but I would go the new Fox's with the 15mm thru axle. F100 RLC, this is very much a trail fork.


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Make sure the rear shock is the RP23, its well worth the upgrade. The Talas is more of a trail bike fork and the F100 RLC is a race fork. The F100RLC might be better to keep the weight down.

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Go with the F100, it's a great fork. 100mm is plenty enough to cruise the trails and will be fine for racing. More importantly though, make sure the travel matches front and rear, it will make the bike feel mo' better. I believe the Moto-Lite is adjustable yes?



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I would recommend the talas, mostly because having the flexibility to find the right height and head angle. I believe the bike is designed for 5 inches, although I am not certain about the XS. The head angle on that size may be slackened a tad for toe clearance in which case the 100mm may be fine. May be worth an email to titus to check. Plus having the 120mm will help boost her confidence on the downhills. It may be worth the half pound.

FWIW, I ride my small moto-lite with talas in the 120mm all the time, and it feels nimble, light and balanced.


As a Motolite owner I cannot recommend going on a 100 MM fork - this bike should have 120- 130 MM fork .

the Talas is a great fork but It (2007 model ) is not reliable - mine already serviced twice and the problem with the travel adjustment persist ....this fork is hard and thus expensive for service !!

If I were you ,I would go for the 120 mm float - it is simpler , more plush and you save money and a 1/2 lib.
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