Which Camelbak?


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Its on my list of things, I was thinking either the Mule or Lobo would be good choices, the difference being the Mule has more cargo space. They both hold 100oz of water. I carry the basics (tube, tool, patches etc) in a saddle pack so I don't need all that much in the camelbak (first aid kit and probably a battery for a helmet light in the future). DOes anyone find the Lobo to be too small?


I have the mule and I carry two tubes, pump, tools, cell and have just enough room left over for a light battery. When the bladder is full there is not much room left over with everything I mentioned. I have found myself wishing for more cargo room on occasion and will probably replace it with something larger after it wears out. I have no experience with the lobo. Since you also carry stuff in the tail pack the smaller cargo capacity may be Ok for you.

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You might want to add the Blowfish to your list. It has an expandable cargo area that comes in handy if you need to store bulky stuff like a jacket or warmers. I've been using one for awhile and like it alot.


i have a mule and carry tubes and tools with me all the time. i do never finish all my water though, i guess i need to go on longer rides! :)


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I used the Mule for years and always had plenty of room for everything I need and the bungees on the outside came in handy often. I don't require much food unless I am riding all day long, so I actually downsized to the Rogue (70 oz. Downside: I do run out of water), but it all depends on your needs and how much you plan to ride.

I stick with the Rogue because it's sleaker so it doesn't bounce around on my back as much as the Mule.


I ride with the Mule...I fill the water bag to the max, still have room for all the essentials.


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I rode with a Lobo for a few years (older version that had a 70 oz bladder). I found myself short on water, and the space left a bit to be desired.

I upgraded to a Dakine Drafter pack (similar in size to the Mule) that I absolutely love. Its large but not too bulky and has tons of well thought out storage space. Also, having a quick disconnect between the bladder and tube is a definite convenience for filling.

I think with the Mule (or equivalent from another manufacturer) is a great size.

I tend to ride 3-4 hours at a time, for reference.


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Thanks for the advice, I think I'll go w/ the blowfish since you can zip away the extra space when you're not using it. The other recommendations look good too but I want to stick w/ camelbak since it's really easy to pick up spare parts if I need to on short notice.
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