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So I got conned into taking a hiking trip with my first aid squad at wawayanda and I have no idea where to park to hit a good part of the trail system. They want to wing it....I'm not so adventurous. I tried to dig up motionbased data and got some "loops" but I'm still not 100% sure on where to park.


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Park by the boat launch area.

After entering park from Warwick Turnpike, bear right and proceed past ranger station (no fees this time of year), after about a mile the road will curve a bit to the left and will leave you by the beach area. Keep left and you'll see a sign ahead for the boat launch area.

From there it's easy to access the Double Pond, Laurel Pond, Wingdam and Sitting Bear trails.


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There is section that goes through swamps that you aren't supposed to bike through that i've been told is pretty cool. The trails surrounding the lake are pretty scenic. That is a hard question you asked there though because Wawayanda is just so awesome on a bike.

I've stopped most of my hiking with the exception of waterfall hikes or hiking in places that strictly horbid biking. Otherwise i get all annoyed for not having my bike when i'm hiking through trails that would be awesome to ride through.


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Head over to the Hemlock Ravines area of the park for better hiking trails. Stop in at Town Cycle in WM and get a park map from Mike or Pete and have them show you where the Cherry Ridge parking area is. You can also park at the ranger station and hike or ride Hofferlin into the park or hike the Parker trail to get to the AT.


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Thanks guys, I was under the impression that there was going to be biking when I agreed to go but it turned into hiking :(

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