where is spring?


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Would you rather have snow? I'm actually happy we're having a spring instead of jumping right into 80+ degree weather.


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Road ride? Shoulda stuck to the trails, which were pretty great this weekend. Wind is a great friend of mountain bike trails- nothing dries out trails quicker- and I'm very thankful that we haven't gotten a late-season freak snow storm that turns everything to mush for a few more weeks. This weather is great.

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I managed to get six rides in last week! No complaints about the weather at all! I hope it stays this temp for a while! I hate sweating and having to drink that water stuff! :D


I didn't feel like riding yesterday coz it was a bit cooler than Saturday but I'd committed to some chums so made the effort. I'm really glad I did. It ended up being a great ride. The trails at Allamuchy were perfect. We saw a couple of other groups out there too. Hi Five!


Bring on Summer!

Spring stinks. Bring on Summer!

I'll take 100 degrees over 40 and miserable any day. For the most part I just ignore the weather reports and go ride. A miserable day riding is better than all the chores you should be doing. Plus, half the time it ends up to be a great day. I rode 6 hours yesterday in the woods and the bike is clean.

It's funny how everybody at work is like "so your going to be able to get back on the bike now that it's nicer out there" I'm like, "I never stopped".


I like the 40-degree days. Baggies and a warm shirt and you're good.

Though it was cold enough at the zoo yesterday for the gorillas to stay hidden, much to my boy's dismay.


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don't get me wrong, I am enjoying this weather over any of the conditions this past winter and I know the wind dries out the trails but a few degree warmer and no wind would be just fine...


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yeah yesterday was great at Ringwood. Shorts and warm longsleeve shirt and I was fine.

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wtf is with this weather! I am sick of this weather and we really need some consistent nice days, especially on the weekend...

Couldnt agree more....


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Don't care what the temp is (too much), bike or surf, as long as it's sunny out. The wind has been relentless and is a drag but, indeed, the hardest part of riding on an overcast 41 degree day is convincing yourself to get out of the house. About 3 minutes into the ride and you don't even notice the weather anyway.
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This weather is what I am talking about! 23 miles on a slightly extended lunch, greeeeeeeeat!


It's OK, I was behind suffering hard, so I had time to apologize for Fred. I underestimated the pain the 3 levels of hell ride can dish out. I'm hurt. :drooling:
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