where do you guys park?


i had a tough time finding my way around here. i saw the bike path signs on the road and the trail info posts on some of the roads. i parked near the marina, close to the street. i ended up on a walking trail and found a few trails, but i dont think it was the right entrance.

where can i park to get the best ride?


JORBA: Director
Lots park at the marina, then head out along the lake either way. You will find the trails but sometimes you will double back. You could easily find them from the tennis courts too, then continue on along the lake. Over on the other side of the marine (like if you head away from the tennis courts), look for singletrack that meets the power line road, and the tight twisty stuff in the little stands of pine, those are easy to miss.

Also check out SMART, the Mercer County JORBA Chapter. I am sure Mick or one of the group would love to show you around. Check out www.jorba.org and then hit the Mercer forum to contact SMART.


I read on dirtworld.com that the fun stuff is (or was) behind the tennis complex. Looks like I'll park near them this time. Very hard to find out where the trail starts. Once I am on the trail I am fine.

I ended up heading towards Hughes Drive from the marina, ended up getting very close to the road as well. Then doubled back and ran into the damn. Good stuff though, I will be back as I work close and attend the Community College for summer classes :(


I printed out the map so I think I'll have a better way around now :)
Wobble, I used to live in Dayton Center if you know where that is. Small world ;)

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