Where do I find a 2016 El Mariachi geared red frame in large?


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It's a sickeness. I know.

I have the 2014 SS in white which I converted to 1x11 but it's not the same. I am a sucker for owning multiple variations of the same thing (color, gears Vs SS etc.).

Hence the question.

I'm monitoring the marketplaces (FB, craiglist etc.) but there's nothing. This is going to bug me for a while, hopefully I don't find one, or I will really have to get creative to justify it with the wife...

Isn't it a beauty?


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they don't make bikes like this anymore.

unless you ask someone to build one for you and spend $2000 on a custom frame or something


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I just need to find the frame, I actually enjoy very much building a bike from scratch like a did with the SS El Mar, the Mukluk and the Fugitive...or the old Proflex/K2 bikes. It's the most relaxing thing for me.


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No experience but I hear those old Niner steel frames are pretty good too. Maybe give them a look too.
I love the feel of my old Steel SIR9.....it’s similar to the el mar in many ways, but I think the el. Mar due to the adjustable drop-outs lets you customize the ride to your exact preferred style. It’s really a great bike.

Johnny Utah

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Yep, that's the main group that I am monitoring.
There is a large in the 2014 red white and blue in Easton pa for $1k. I have been tempted to go down this road but I think I may be over my el mariachi addiction. Definitely one of my favorites of all time.


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Then you have to start your Knolly collection ! The new Warden is out ! Lol !
Nah, I am sold on wagon wheels. I'll wait for the carbon Fugitive, by the time it's out I will probably be good enough not to crash the frame on the first ride...in the meanwhile...steel is real!