when idiots, bad music and steroids collide


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I must have watched this 8 times, if not more. Total train wreck TV that I can't stop being amazed at. Humans are so, so strange.

I give this thread 1 pawpaw.


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I wonder what the Oregon (the other state where you can't pump your own gas) version is like :scared:


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On behalf of the entire state (in which I was born, raised, and have settled) - I am so embarrassed.



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That looks like a tool convention or a gaggle of scroaty oaty choat bags, having a choat down down the shore. You can almost smell the Ax body spray when the video starts.
I am with MIG, hammer smash to the face, up the bag limit to 10 per day.


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I can only imagine what the driveway looks like, more than likely contains at least one or more of the following. An Iroc-Z. A convertible Mustang. A BMW M3. Maybe a Firebird.

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