i thought dave thomas invented wendy's??? :D

i've been talking to this guy chad at red barn cycles in montana. he also got some good reviews on mtbr. there is another guy as well, who's name escapes me, but those mtbr guys say he's the end-all be-all of wheel building.

did you call cycle works at all? i've heard that john is a good wheel builder.

edit: i just checked his spec sheet...and his prices seem WAY high compared to what i got from red barn. like a couple hundred. the quote that i was given for the set up below was $375 shipped:

dt swiss 5.1d rims
hope xc hubs
dt comp spokes

since i'm probably going to go with hope bulb hubs that will bump the price up $85 but for me it's probably worth it.
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I haven't talked to John although I have heard he's good. Not sure which way I want to go. Kind of shying away from the Crossmax SL's that I was thinking about based on some on the reviews on mtbr.
jake - not sure if you pulled the trigger, but i'll pm you some info that might help be useful...
thanks steve! i don't know if that helps or makes the water more muddier. :D
smarencik said:
scott: you look at stan's no tubes?

You talking about the tubeless conversions kit? If so, I'm not interested in that mess.

Thinking tubeless in general might be too much of a hassle for me. I'm worried that if I don't like a tubeless setup I'll end up running tubes and have a heavy setup. Just not sure if running 10psi lower in pressure is worth the heavier tires/wheels. I rarely pinch flat running my usual 34psi.
i think i'm going to go with john at cycle craft. they are a bit more expensive (granted, not much) than the quote i got, but the turn around time is literally twice as fast AND they give you six month of free tunes (if you actually need them). no way i'd get that from a guy in CO, AZ or where ever.
smarencik said:
scott - not just conversion, but stan's does custom rims too. www.notubes.com

Yeah I know. A lot of the custom builders will use his rims if you want.

Pretty sure I'm going to go with Dave at speeddream.

In the meantime I started building my own set of wheels for the SS. xt hubs, some mavic 517's I got for sale 2 years ago, wheel smith double butted spokes, silver nips. Got the rear laced up this morning. Still needs tensioning, etc... (etc... being the hard part).

Anybody got a trueing stand I could borrow? :)
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