Wheels not holding air


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I Just got a set of Easton wheels for my gravel bike, tubless ready and put Gravel Kings TLC tires on, they mounted perfectly and take air no problem, but they are leaking somewhere, half way theough the ride yesterday they were soft (not flat but way soft), Any ideas of what might be wrong, or how to figure out what the problem is?.


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I’m assuming you have sealant in them? Just make sure you have enough, like a 2oz bottle per tire. As long as they popped into the bead fine, you have sealant, and you don’t notice any punctures, you probably just need to ride them a few times to distribute the sealant.


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Definitely check the tape as Mr.Moto recommends. Also, if there is a rubber grommet, make sure it is on the outside of the rim between the rim and nut (and not inside or on the underside of the rim). Also, if need be, you can gently use the end of a tire lever to press the bottom of the valve towards the rim while you are hand-tightening the nut on the outside.

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My guess would be the taping.
I suck at taping and one thing I find that helps is that once you lay down the new tape, I tube the wheels for 24hrs so the tape settles.
Another thing is distributing the sealant. Instead of the stans shake, I just spin and bounce around the wheel a few times and I find this works better and its less work.