Wheel Life - Rte. 206 & Mt. View Rd. - Hillsborough, NJ



Three things you'll discover upon entering Wheel Life Cycles: high prices, limited inventory, and poor service. The shop workers seem very annoyed by customers and have a "holier than thou" attitude. Rarely am I able to find what I'm looking for and, when I do, it's usually far more expensive than what I anticipate. I'd recommend Bike n' Gear, just outside of Hillsborough, as a good alternative to Wheel Life.
Wheel Life - A Challenge for You

I'd like to support this shop, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult.

First, I have to point out: The guys in the shop have been excellent... very helpful. I APPRECIATE their help.

But the price for even the smallest things is criminal! I recall purchasing a tire at Wheel Life, and I paid twice what I previously paid online for the same tire. I don't mind paying 10-20% more than online, but 100% is excessive. Yesterday I purchased rim tape and a few spacers for my road bike. They weren't even really spacers... just a pair of simple nuts and washers... For THAT Wheel Life charged me $10.!!! Shame on me for not first going across the street and buying these at Cammps Hardware for $1.

But that's not what fries my bacon... The part that PISSES ME OFF MOST is the audacity of Wheel Life to print on my receipt "You saved $50 by shopping here".... NO LIE... You CAN'T make this stuff up!

Mark, I hope you're reading this... I wish you well in your business... But if you continue to treat customers like suckers (and I WAS a sucker to pay $10 for 2 nuts and 2 washers... my bad), then you'll soon be out of business...

We need a good bike shop in our neighborhood. Come on, give us a freakin break!

Apologies for this tirade... but I'm PISSED!!!

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