What's the Deal with 29rs?


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Ok... so I went to Marty's Reliable in Mo-Town last week to get some new pedals (finally got sick of one sided entry in my broken Candy pedals)...

They rebuilt the shop (relatively) recently, so I had a look around....

There's nothing but 29rs in there... The dude told me they really didn't sell anything but 29rs for the high range, except women's bikes... they could order it, if I really wanted one...

The way he made it sound was as if the 26 in. wheel bike went the way of friction shifters... I had to pick up a bike mag to see if the industry had abandoned that wheel size!

So what's up? Are bike shops everywhere pushing the 29r? Or is this just a bold move on Marty's part?

BTW... I'm pretty convinced that I don't want a 29r, but I may take one for a ride just to see what the hype's all about...


Geez dude. Be careful or you will be thrown off this forum.;) Do a search on 29ers and I am sure you will find all the info you need.
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29ers are a good excuse for being slow. I have a Single Speed 29, that’s like 2 excuses.:popcorn:

They are very fun to ride and will roll over everything with little effort from the rider. More and more people ride them, but they are not a bike to rule over all other bikes.:hmmm:
1 out of my 4 Bikes is a 29er, and I will always have room for one in my stable.

You should give it a try, you will like it.:D



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i just got a 29er last week and i love it, it's not like night and day difference, but certainly is easier to roll over things and clear logs and what not, purpously these past 4 days riding i have been riding on to the biggest rocks and roots on the trail at L&M while practicing bike control and line picking and there is an advantage over my trek 26er. The handling is a lot more responsive for me then most say about 29ers, but that just might be a good design by specialized with the bikes geometry. i wasn't sold on 29ers until i tried one out on the trails, riding one around the parking lot made absolutely no positive impression on me.

Take one for a spin, u will like it


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29ers what's that? :hysterica:lock:

29er, it's like great sex. You will know when you have had it...;)
And the Sex is good. And the jokes will begin. :getsome::D;)


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Marty's is one of the few places that beat MTBNJ to the 29er kool-aid punch, bowl.. lol
And they weren't even a Gary Fisher shop until like 2 months ago, they were pushing insane amounts of Karate Monkey bikes out.
For a hardtail, I'm pretty sold on the 29ers. I have one, it's awesome. But then again the bike is awesome.
For full suspension, I have never ridden a full suspension 29er that I even remotely enjoyed. The wheelbase just gets way too long for me. Especially Jersey riding where there is basically zero high speed stuff where you would enjoy the longer wheel base. We usually pound away at rocky descents and rock gardens.


BTW... I'm pretty convinced that I don't want a 29r, but I may take one for a ride just to see what the hype's all about...[/QUOTE]

So what makes you sure that you dont want a 29er without ever riding one? Any particular reason or are you just sayin....


Mmmmm 29er

Sip the 29er kool-aid and u will then guzzle it. It's delish. I just recently dove in a tub of the stuff!


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OK so I used to think the 29er SS stuff was a fad that would die off. Then I road a Mary and now for the stuff down south thats all I ride I will agree that for the rocks up north a 26er FS might be better but for the rolling single track I love my Mary..


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Ss works way better 29 because of all the stand up mashing and the decrease in leverage to put you over the bars. Much easier


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We are now selling 7 brands of 29ers in our shop. 29" will remain for the duration at this point.

I just spent a few days with some retailers across the country.

The consensus is basically this:

26" When:

-You are under 5'-5" tall.
-You like to be in the air more than the ground.
-You ride a chairlift in order to get to the trails that you ride
-You are a euroguy racerboy

29" when:
-You ride one gear
-You have had 15 mt bikes in the last 10 years and you want something different
-You ride more for distance than for airtime
-You are 5'-10" or taller
-You appreciate the simplicity and lower cost of a hardtail

29 is not going away. C-dale for example will have 8 29" wheeled models in their line for 2011. The way it looks they will have at least one more in 2012.

Consider that the new low end 29er will be $719 this season:


I kind of dig the green. It comes in silver too btw.
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