What's Happening This Weekend ???


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Well... for starters, a lot of things are getting cancelled or postponed because of the current health issues... and since we're being encouraged to socially distance ourselves from each other, i'm going to hold off on updating this thread for a little bit.

BUT! I would encourage everyone to go for a solo or small group ride if the weather is nice! so private message each other, get outside and stay healthy and safe!
I lot of sports events have been cancelled. Ive also halted a lot of my monthly physical activities. I just miss rock climbing and basketball. Im hoping they can find a vaccine soon so we can just forget about the pandemic and go back to normal.


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Got an oil change tomorrow- trails right behind dealer so I’ll be able to swing a ride in. Gonna trim the arborvitae, weed the beds, plant some flowers, prepare for the busy work week ahead. Wifey has catchup to do so I’ll be having daddy duty atleast one day.