What's Happening This Weekend 1/21-1/22-ish


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So this weekend.
Maybe you are celebrating birthdays of:
Steve Perry

Michael Hutchence

or DJ Jazzy Jeff

Maybe you're celebrating Grandmother's and Grandfather's Days (Poland) looking at you @1sh0t1b33r

Or maybe you will be observing the Christian feast day of Fructuosus (the patron saint of corn syrup).
Whatever gets you through the weekend, do something on bikes yo.


Possible session at Watchung Res this weekend-
Stay tuned for deets: http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/watchung-reservation-trail-building.41427/

JORBA Chapter- Jersey Action Riders Meetup
Thursday: January 19, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Kresson Trails, Cherry Hill (map)
Description: Weekly group ride at the Kresson Trails. Meet in parking lot. Helmet required. Any questions, call Jay at 856-470-8967.

Cycle Craft NJ Rides
Jefferson/Mahlon Saturday Morning Beginner Mountain Bike Ride
Saturday, January 21, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Jefferson Morning Ride Type - MTB: Beginner/Intermediate
Location –
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (Saffin Pond Lot)
159 Weldon Rd, Jefferson, NJ

Time - Meet at 8:45am Wheels down at 9:00am
Description: Our friendly, no-drop Saturday morning ride is perfect for beginner
to intermediate riders with various types of terrain from flat fire road, single track to fast downhill.
Tires roll at 9:00 so please show up early enough to prepare your bike (and maybe yourself).
Ride will be 5-8 miles and roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. Please remember to bring nutrition!

If there is call for rain or snow the ride will be cancelled.

Central NJ Mountain Biking Meetup
(join group to see full details)
Saturday at Allaire 1/21 10a
Intermediate level ride of at least 4 hrs duration (including breaks. Almost exclusively on singletrack trails.
Surfaces are generally packed sand, with pea sized gravel deposited at just a few dozen corners of the trail system.
Some roots in places, but overall not a particularly rooty area.
This makes for a fast-moving, fun-cornering ride. All logovers have bypasses.

Allaire is popular for MTB, so expect to see several other groups besides us and possibly a Wookie.

Mountain bike and helmet required. Remember water, snacks, tick repellent, spare tube.
Please, no portable loud music. Porta-johns in the parking area.

Sunday at Mercer 1/22 9a
One of the flattest and least physically demanding singletrack trail systems in NJ. But lots of surprises- heck of a lot of fun.
Narrow, turny trails in close proximity to trees, and not uncommonly... deer.
Trails follow a lakeshore, a couple streams and winds through hardwood forests.
Almost zero rock, but some roots. All of the logovers have bypasses.

A 2 to 3.5 hr event. We will return to the parking lot after about two hrs max.
Pace determined by the group. Stops at most trail junctions or at 7 min intervals, whichever occurs first.
Nobody left behind. This is a beginner to intermediate level ride.

Mountain bike and helmet required.
Remember to bring water, snack food, bug repellent, spare tube.
No portable loud music speakers, please. Facilities available at the parking lot.

Recent rain or snow may cause cancellation.
So check this web page for updates before you leave home.

If you know you're running late, then post at this web page before the meetup time,
as we have 4G internet at the parking lot, to check for latecomers.

Anyone can RSVP as an ordinary rider, but this event needs a Host in order to remain scheduled.

The Host can change the start time, but not the day or place.
He/she may also cancel this event less than 2 days before.
To host this ride, must have ridden here at least 3 previous times and be willing to guide the group.

Interested in hosting for this date only (not repeating)? Post a comment on this page.



Bergen County Community Information Sessions
Bergen County is hosting a series of public meeting for the future of their parks.
If you are a resident of Bergen county please try to attend one of their upcoming meetings.

The Bergen County Department of Parks and the Rutgers Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability (CUES) invite all Bergen County residents to a series of community information sessions.
The goal of these community information sessions is to discuss the Bergen County Parks System as it exists now and include residents in the conversation about the future of our parks.
The same material will be covered at each session, so please choose the location that is most convenient for you.



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I'd be willing to host the Mercer ride, but I'd have to push the start time back until 11 am. I know the park well. Let me know... I'll more than likely be there anyway.


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I will most likely be out and about one of the local parks this weekend; Allamuchy, Stephens, and/or Deer Park. Day(s) and time(s) are up in the air right now....but it's safe to say I'll be out there.


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Ok, I signed up and let them know. We'll see if anybody else shows up. I'm headed there anyway for my usual ride.


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I will most likely be out and about one of the local parks this weekend; Allamuchy, Stephens, and/or Deer Park. Day(s) and time(s) are up in the air right now....but it's safe to say I'll be out there.
Are you gonna be riding tomorrow morning? I was planning to hit Allamuchy if you want to meet up?


Formerly ReggieHammond
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Are you gonna be riding tomorrow morning? I was planning to hit Allamuchy if you want to meet up?

Dave, I'm so sorry...just read this. I have already made plans to make sure a bunch of outta towners don't get lost in Deer Park. Interested in joining? I'll txt ya.

I rode Stephens yesterday and the trails were in great shape...even with the weather/temps. Allamuchy should be the same if you stick to your plans.
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