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Hey everybody, spend most of my time dodging rednecks and moo cows on the roads of salem county. (yeah im a road choad mainly, but i dont shave my legs if that counts). love mountain biking also. mainly at blue marsh (31 miles of vomit inducing climbs), and also gloucester (friggin roots) and camden county colleges. other than that i like drinking and phillies games or a combination of the both. really like the website, nice finding one that's for jersey.

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I guess all the whats happenin jokes have been played so I will just say Welcome Aboard.


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What's the deal with shaving the legs anyway?

think they say that when you crash the hair causes a velcro effect on the pavement. i'd rather endure that than the ball busting that would come from being a construction worker with shaved legs.
and thanks for all the welcomes.
best whats happenin episode was when re run joined the cult and worshipped "ralph" the head of lettuce.
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