what was your first car?!?


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Pretty hard to say what my first car was as I was drving whatever the old man had running in the driveway at the time. So these weren't really mine but I have great memories of them.

mid 60's Chevy or GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 with 8 foot bed. 4 speed manny tranny and no power steering or power brakes. I learned to drive on that going up and down our driveway (it was pretty long and on a hill)

'65 Chevy Impala 4 door w/ a 283 and Powerglide 2 speed tranny that was lime green and rust and my skater friends call it the Beast. My buddy and I went out one night with it and it the alternator was going on it. Ended up having to have the pops come out and have to jump start us a few towns over. He was pretty pissed.

'74 Chevy 4x4, not sure if it was 3/4 ton or 1/2. Had a plow on it and probably a 350 under the hood. Manual gearbox but had PS and PB. Remember using that to go to high school.

'71 Chevy Monte w/ 350 V8 and auto gearbox might be my first offical car. This one has a few funny stories. But the way I got it is probably the best. The old man finds it in an IHop parking lot abadoned. We snowplowed that property in the winter so were able to scrounge it for free but we had to get it moving and out of there. Turned out the reason it was left, was because one of the front ball joints had given up. So my dad got the part and needed me to help him put it in and drive one of the cars back home. Typical weekday after school, I had my buddies over the house, skating our half and I was trying backside airs or something. Bailed and dislocated my shoulder. My dad, comes to get me to get the Monte and was like, WTF?! Puts me on the kitchen table face down and resets my shoulder. We then hop in the truck and head down to the iHop, pop the ball joint in, then we drive home. Even though my arm was killing me, my buddies were still skating so I took a couple or runs just doing grinds and carves. My dad was going to pull the motor for another vehicle but after a month or so of it sitting I asked him if I could clean it up and drive it instead. Took me a while but got it looking pretty good actually. I drove it all summer long after graduation of high school. Right before going up to VT for freshman year in college, I sold the Monte for $600 or so. Went to the LBS and bought my first MTB with the money - an '88 Specialized Rockhopper Comp.

BTW, there are some really cool cars that people mentioned. Must be the type of people that ride bikes will gravitate towards dope cars too.
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