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I see some of you mount cameras or lenses on your helmets. I was just wondering what types of cameras you are using and what you think of them.

I would like to try some video and maybe edit it in imovie. I am currently just using clips from my cannon G7. Are there better options?



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All my videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/jereshort) were shot with a gopro hero cam. keep in mind that what goes onto youtube is not the true quality of the video file.
I would recommend this camera. Its light, easy to use, the wide angle lens give you a good shot regardless of the positioning of the camera, and its somewhat cheap.

The negatives are that in poor light it doesnt really capture video that well.



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I use a VholdR helmet cam. http://vholdr.com/

Results here: http://www.vimeo.com/user857083

I purchased it over the summer at the Kenda Bikefest. I have encountered some small bumps along the way but I'm happy with it.

-slim design no wires.
-downloads to a PC just like a thumb drive.
-charges from a PC without having to remove battery.
-Easy to start and stop recording while riding.
-creates .avi files which easily work with many editing apps.
-Lens view angle and image quality.
-Uses standard MicroSD memory card.

-Microphone is very sensitive and easily overpowered. Wind noise at 10mph drowns out all other sounds. User's speach sounds muffled when head mounted.
-.avi files are sometimes corrupt. I haven't gotten an explanation. It is completely random.
-No screen to view results. You have to wait till you get home to see if you got that magical shot.
-Purchase of camera does not include a memory card. Just Silly.
-Currently only supports use of 2GB Memory card. A future firmware update may allow for increased memory.
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