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I'm new to mountain biking, I just bought a used mountain bike, a 2007 MKlll Comp. I figure buying a new bike was a waste of money until I see if mountain biking is for me. I'm sure it is though. Been meaning to buy one for a while. It seems like a good bike. It was shipped to me in pieces. So, i put it together and all and it looks and feels like I put it together right. There is no problems that I can tell. But my question is should i bring it to a bike shop to make sure everything is all good?
Rde it around the block, if everything seems OK and brakes work, you should be ready. Its biking not rocket science.
cool deal on getting into mountain biking. nothing wrong with getting a used rig. i would suggest you take it to a shop and ask them to look it over for you. besides getting the bike tuned, it is good to build a relationship with the local guys and they will certainly give you some pointers on seat height, riding position, etc.

not too sure which is closer to stillwater, but try Marty's in Hackettstown or Cycle Works in Byram. both are great shops that help support our local community. tell them the guys from MTBNJ sent you over.
I did the same thing and bought a used bike off ebay. It came in pieces and i put it together and everything felt right riding around the block. When i went into the trails to ride everything wasnt right. The brakes broke half way through the ride and it wasnt because they were bad brakes. I would definatly take it to a bike shop.
Take it to a shop, don't become some kind of whacky statistic, or paralyzed or something. If you're not a bike wrench, take the bike in, have them check out your work. Also, check the first timers section of the site for what to do and what not to do on the trail. It's fun, but there's issues just like any sport. Then, have a blast and enjoy the lovely, torturous bliss that is mt. biking, haha. Lates, TJ
Since you're new to mountain biking I would recommend taking it to a shop and have the people who do this for a living check it out.
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After this, if the bike still works, you're golden. Otherwise, bring it to the shop.
Thanks for the advice. I'll probably take it to Cycle Works. Its right down the road from where i work and they seem like pretty good guys.
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