What states/countries have you biked in?


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I was just thinking about my own personal adventures and I was curious as to who else has been wandering like myself looking for new places to ride. Here's my current list:

Tennessee - Cohutta Wilderness
Georgia - Pigeon Mountain, Part of Cohutta Race, Conyers - Old Olympic Course
Alabama - Monte Sano State Park
North Carolina - Pisgah State Forest, Dupont State Forest
Virginia - Shenandoah Race, George Washington National Forest
West Virginia - Part of Shenandoah Course just edges in
Maine - Outside of Bar Harbor
Vermont - Kingdom Trails, Mt Snow
New York - Blue Mtn, Stewart, Inlet, 909, High Bridge, Tymor, Williams Lake
New Jersey - Allamuchy, Wawayanda, JHab, Ringwood, Tourne, Hartshorne, Huber, Allaire, Round
Valley, Kittatinny, Deer Park, Lewis Morris, Skyline, High Point, Stokes, Mahlon, Chimney Rock
Pennsylvania - State College, Marysville
Ohio - Mohican Wilderness
Colorado - Durango, Boulder, Breckenridge, Colorado Trail
Utah - Moab, Gooseberry, St. George
Canada - BC - Whistler
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hmmmm, i'm a bit slack on travel

NJ-Allaire, Hartshorne and Clayton a bunch. Also been to Chimney Rock, Allamuchy and Ringwood.
NY-1 road ride in the Kingston area
NC-Wilmington area, Camp Lejeune+ it's old race course and Nantahala (I believe) National Forest
GA-Sixes Rd/ Blankets Creek SORBA course, Elijay/ Bear Creek Loop, Helen, National Forest+ race course loop.
That's about it except for some roadie stuff in Central Okinawa, Japan, which was pretty cool.
One goal of mine would be to continue to expand upon that, especially the NJ stuff!!!


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thats a serious list dude

Yea but I want to expand it much more. I LOVE to travel. On the to do list I wanna ride in Massachusetts, West Virginia(more), California and Arkansas <---- I hear they have some really cool stuff there.



Northern Ireland

I've been frustratingly close to some great riding, but without a bike.


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out of state:

CO - durango/telluride area.
ME - acadia nat'l park area
NY - catskills area trails, cunningham park
PA - high rocks, jim thorpe, french creek, nishaminy, valley green (wiss.)
IN - south bend area trails

in state:

allaire, allamuchy, chimney rock, deer park, hartshorne, high point, kittatinny, lewis morris (patriots path too), mahlon, parvin, ramapo, ringwood, round valley, rutgers, six mile, sourlands, stokes, tourne, voorhees, and wawayanda.

wow that's more than i thought for in state.


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in state: Waway, Ringwood, Hartshorne, Clayton, Lewis Morris, Stokes, Mahlon Dickerson, Ramapo/Skyline, Allamuchy (North, Deer Park), Allaire, Huber Woods, Cheesequake, Chimney Rock, The Tourne, Mercer, Delaware Water Gap/Blue Lake, Sourland Mtn., Kittatinny, Jungle Habitat, Six Mile, & Stevens.

New York: Stewart, Minnewaska, Blue Mtn., Bethpage, Stillwell Woods, Mohonk Preserve, 909, Ninham Mtn., Graham Hills, Highland Lakes & Sprain Ridge.

CT. : Trumbull, Mianus

PA.: Jim Thorpe

VT.: Kingdom Trails


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My list pales in comparison but here it goes:

NJ - Allamuchy (Including Stevens, Deer Park), Mahlon Dickerson, Kittatinny, Chimney Rock (Washington Valley), Rutgers Ecological Preserve, Six-Mile Run, Ringwood, Lewis Morris, Wawayonda, Hartshorne, Picatinny Arsenal, Round Valley, and Watchung (before the ban on mountain biking).

PA - Jim Thorpe, Camelback

WV - Canaan, Snowshoe (both for 24-hour races)

VT - East Burke (Kingdom Trails), Killington


The Moped
NJ - Almost all the parks in North Jersey
NY - Almost all the parks in Westchester County
Utah - Slickrock practice trail, Klondike trail.
Nevada - Cottonwood trails, Bootleg canyon
and by the end of the week I'll be adding some Arizona trails, I'm in Tuscon right now with my epic


NYCMTB: President
Scotland- Glentress 7 Stanes trails (XC)

New Hampshire- Highland Mountain (DH)
Vermont- Bolton Valley (DH)
Utah- Moab (Slickrock, Porc Rim XC), Park City (XC & DH)
Adirondacks NY- Whiteface (DH)
NY- Ninham, Sprain, Highbridge (XC and FR), Plattekill (DH), Fahnestock, Stewart, Williams Lake, Tymor, Blue, Graham, Cunningham, Wolfe's Pond, Stillwell, Trailview, Bethpage, Glacier Ridge, Rocky Point, Cathedral Pines (XC),
NJ- Diablo (DH & XC), Skyline/Ramapo (XC & FR), Ringwood, Wawayanda, Lewis Morris, Kittatinny, Hidden Valley, Allamuchy, Stephens (XC)
CT- Trumbull (XC and FR)
PA- nada!
NC- Kitsuma, Heartbreak Ridge, Bent Creek (XC)
FL- Santos (XC and FR), Alafia, Croom, Econ St. Forest (XC)

So many great trails out there yet to be ridden... ;)
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I'm po'

Too po' fo' all that crazy traveling!! So I been to NJ!! I've also been in a few other spots, but not many, and not too any cool ones:D

NJ-Everywhere. Road, cross and mountain.
MD-Fair Hills.
DE-Granogue (CX)
PA-Jim Thorpe, Candy-Town, St. Pete's, Wissahickon (CX), Philly, Blue Marsh, Bear Creek.
NY-Allagheny (sp?), Tymor, Stewart, HighBridge, Staten Island (CX), New Paltz, Splattekill.
VA-Road around Alexandria
VT-Mt Snow, Killington
WV-I don't remember what the place was called.

I think that's it, I need to get out more.



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in state
South Mountain :-x
Skyline Drive
High Point
(edit) forgot Clayton

Out of State
NY - Plattekill, some race in lagrangeville, tymore park, most of orange county on road
VT - Saxon Hill
PA - Jim Thorpe (edit) add in Reading PA... Duryea DH race

there may be a few places I have forgot.
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NJ- Allaire, Hartshorne, Huber, Mercer, Allamuchy, Chimney Rock, 6 Mile, Manasquan Resovoir(lol)

PA- Jordan, Jacobsburg

NY- Wolf's Pond Park


JORBA: Ringwood
Some travel to OOS races I can remember:
Mt St Anne, Cn
Bromont, Cn
Mammoth, Ca
Deer Valley, Ut
Brianhead, Ut
Mt Snow, Vt
McDowell, Az
Durango, Co
Snowmass, Co
Seven Springs, Pa
Fell Mt, Pa (great race!!!)
Sugar Mt, NC
Windham, NY
Williams Lake, NY
Snowshoe, WV
Fontana, Ca

Some other places I have visited:
Pisga/Dupont/Cashiers, NC
Lake Tahoe, Ca (beautiful place)
Downieville/South Yuba, Ca
Crested Butte/Gunnison, Co (both beautiful)
Boulder, Co
Red Mt, Ut
Tucson, Az
South Mountain, Az
Trumbul, Ct

I have been to many parks in the NJ area, but I somehow missed 6 mile and Deer Park. They are on my list for this year! It is funny, but every time I ride elsewhere, I love my home trails in NJ more so. :)


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Northern Ireland

I've been frustratingly close to some great riding, but without a bike.
Where in SC??
NJ- Six Mile run, chimney rock, Heartshorn/huber, Rutgers EP
NC-west wood sp
SC- Fants grove, Issaqueena dam BEST TRAIL EVER!!!
Hopefully Florida this summer


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Places I've been..........

Moab,Utah.....SlickRock, Porcupine Rim
Colorado...Fruita,The Edge Loop, Mary's, Horse Thief, More Fun,ZipedyDooDaa,and all the Lower Bookcliffs....Garden of the God's, Gunnison, Durango

Marin, Cal...China camp, Boy scout camp..Point Reyes

Oklahoma, Turkey Mtn.,24 hours up the nose(Roman Nose St Park), Lawton(Hills of Hell), Tour de Tulsa road century.

Independence, Kansas...Forgot name of trail
Memphis, Tennessee...Forgot name of trail
New York, Lake George, Tymor Park, Stewart, 909 Rec., Williams Lake, Highbridge Park, Wolf's Pond,Blue Mtn., Brooklyn

Penn...Wiss, Neshaminy, Marysville, Rothrock St. Forest, Danville, French Creek, Core Creek, Ole Bull, Asaph, W rim Penn Grand Canyon, Potatoe City...heeehawww

Maryland...Fair Hill, White Clay, Granogue

NJ Baby...Allamuchy, Clayton, Round Valley, Chimney Rock, Allaire, Hartshorne/Huber, 6-Mile,Gloucester Com. College, Mercer, Thompson Park, Waywayanda, Woods Hollow, Bald Pate/Washington Crossing, Sourlands, Hidden Valley.


To be continued.........2009.........:):)
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My list is going to look pretty meager in comparison to most... :( But, here goes...

Delaware -- White Clay, Iron Hill, Granogue
New Jersey -- Allaire, Allamuchy, Chimney Rock, Clayton, Hartshorne, Huber Woods, Bald Pate, Washing Crossing, Waywayanda, Tymor Park, Lewis Morris, Sourlands, Round Valley, Kittatinny, Gloucester County CC
New York -- Tymor Park, 909 Recr., Stewart
North Carolina -- DuPont
Oklahoma -- Turkey Mtn., Lawton
Pennsylvania -- French Creek, Michaux, Ansonia, Asaph, Core Creek, Neshaminy, Pennypack, Wissahickon, Jim Thorpe, Danville, Marysville, Bear Creek Ski Resort, Rothrock SP, Potato City, West Rim Grand Canyon, Marsh Creek, Ole Bull SP
Connecticut -- W. Hartford
Maryland -- Fair Hill
Rhode Island -- Arcadia (oops! scrap that... forgot my SHOES! Only HIKED for several hours... AWESOME singletrack though!)
Maine -- Oquossoc & Rangeley

Happy Trails! :)
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