What makes a good downhill race announcer?


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So, I've been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to be the race announcer a couple of downhill events (Maxxis Eastern States Cup - Blue Mountain & Thunder Mountain so far) and will be doing so again in Windham, NY this weekend.

I want to do the best job possible and was wondering if you all had any advice for me. Maybe you even attended one of those races and heard me working? (shudder)

Anyway, I struggle with pronouncing unusual names (really important to me to get those right) and I'm still learning the ropes. It's actually very hard work coordinating with the rest of the timing team and keeping the music playing in between announcing (I use an iTunes channel).

What should I be doing? Not doing? etc.



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In my racing days, they used to announce hometowns and sponsors as well as names and i always thought that was cool. Calling out sandbaggers was always funny to me, though some people might not like that.


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Well let's see

Can you pronounce this name correctly?

Kristine Contento Angell

this is a bike racing announcer litmus test 😊


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There’s a UCI Downhill guy that announces at the Hunterdon Bmx track, Lars Tribus.
He announces the kids on kick bikes, all the way to the higher level racers with enthusiasm. Even if you’re last he says your name in a way that keeps you peddling.
Everyone gets airtime and always positive.


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Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback.

I should have explained that I'm not calling entire DH races, just the very last bit where they cross the finish line and I report their unofficial time. There's usually a small bit of course for the racers to complete. So, no opportunity to do anything like the guy did for Danny Hart the 2011 worlds. :/

Anyway, I had a blast this weekend in Windham, NY. It was great fun announcing everyone's times and providing some encouragement to those who were close to the time to beat in their class.

Best of all, the very last racer (Pro Men) of the day (I forget his name) was having a great run and absolutely hammered the last little bit and got the best time, it was exciting as hell to call that! I did some lame-ass commentary like "he's having a great run, the time to beat is XX.XX, can he do it?" then as he finished "YESSSS! HE DID IT! XX.XX.XX! CONGRATULATIONS" or something like that. People cheered, it was awesome.

Anyway I'm still learning but really enjoying the experience, all the people, the whole thing is just great fun.

Appreciate your ideas and suggestions!

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