What magazines do you subscribe to?


Jon FZ1

What mags do you guys subscribe to or read on a regular basis for your MTB info?


A strong 7
I'm not too bright and tend to be narrow minded, but I'm throwing my 2 cents in anyway :wink: :

Used to subscribe to dirt rag but got turned off to all the constant self-promoting whining about how they are not about appeasing the corporate machine and (insert additional bs here)... , plus all the artsy fartsy narratives can be nauseating at times :roll: . read enough rags, and you will see that their reviews are as slanted as any other mags out there. on the plus side, they do cover more of the fringe aspects of our sport and review a decent cross section of products ranging from cyclocross bikes to single speed equipment and everything in between.

LOVE Mountain Bike Action - the big corporate sponsored feel of the mag is GREAT, and I enjoy reading a news article or non-biased review of a very expensive product which happens to be advertised in full color glory on an adjacent page... :lol:

I enjoy Mountain Bike, even more since they dropped zap in 2004!

Check out Bike - they always have AWESOME photgraphs!!!
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