What is your favorite downhill in NJ?


I hate climbing, it's just a means to an end IMO! I suffer my way up so i can enjoy the rollercoaster ride down. With that said, I want to hear what everyone's favorite descent is. (excluding Mountain Creek please)
Not NJ, but one of the best and longest downhills I've done around the area was Bykhed at Taconic/909. Super fun.
Ringwood has all the best downhills. The White trail is most people's #1. But the Red switchbacks down is awesome too. As is the Green switchbacks down on the race loop though it's a bit short. If short is okay Warm Puppy might be the best downhill in all the lands!
Boon at Jungle is great too.
Some good ones at mahlon but I don't know the names
Nice guys, keep em coming! Mahlon is my home, I can get there from my house all by trail if i want. My current favorite DH at mahlon is short but sweet, it's from the power lines down to the saffins lot. I call it the ledges, on Strava it's Columbo's finishing move.
What they've done at Sterling Forest is amazing. Although not NJ, it's just across the border. The downhill portion towards south gate road and buttonwood has awesome flow and you can tell they put some serious work into it......
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