What is ridable here?


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I have been to the Tourne park walking my dog and I must have missed the good trails here. Most of what I saw was boring or unridable. The signs indicate a lot of the trails shown in the posted maps are closed to Bikes.

I'd love to ride here more but do not want to irritate the general populus.



Red, Yellow, White, trails all pretty good....Go explore and I guarantee you won't get lost. Tourne its comparatively small but u can get a pretty decent spin going.:D


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just about anything that the bike will fit on :D i rode the trails daily this summer and hit just about every trail that is there, have fun and be careful if you hit the unmarked trails(to the east of the red trail according to the map listed here), one of them has a nasty drop if you miss turns(my friend found out the hard way) :D


First Ride today

My buddy talked me in to riding Tourne. I was pleasantly surprised. We stuck to the red and white trails.

Someone had mentioned it was less rocky than Lewis Morris, but I completely disagree. It was fun and fast with enough rocks to keep you focused.

I would come back to vary things up a bit !

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