What have you done to your bike today?


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What in the world are you gluing your tires to the rims with? I've never used anything but my raw manly hands (insert Seinfeld episode) to break the beads on any tire I've installed.


Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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Put things on the ground?
Brute force method?


Create better tool using a welder and repurposing a clamp to work standing, with minimal effort.

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Honzo ST starting to take shape. CC Hellbender 70 BB and headset are in. Wheels are ready and with tires.
Let's see who gets there Honzo done first. The ultimate race of procrastination. I currently also have headset and BB in, but missing brakes and wheels which are lined up but need to be picked up.


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After troubleshooting this issue with the chain jumping off the jockey wheel on the gravel bike since MARCH and spending money replacing stuff that may have needed replacing anyway, finally got around to replacing the entire rear der on the gravel bike. Well I didn’t do it but I have a friend nearby who did it for me. Can’t believe how fast it came in from lordgun web site all the way from Italy and Free shipping.

Now it shifts buttery smooth. Can’t believe how bad the old der is now that it’s off the bike. Will throw it in the parts bin for now anyway because if I don’t I’m sure I will need some little part off if it one day.

50 mile ride planned tmw to break it in.



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A long overdue drivetrain swap for my Marin Hawk Hill. Went from a Deore 9 speed 11-34 to this Box 2 11 speed 11-46. Will likely throw a 36 or 38t chainring on as well since this is primarily a gravel/xbike for me.

(Not pictured: I fixed that too short cable housing in the back, hadn't added it on when I took this pic).
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Do you like these pads ? Have you used them before? I'm thinking of trying the gold ones
Yes, these are my second set (on a different bike). I like the bite and power of the pads. Plus they don't rattle like Shimano pads with the heat sink. I will eventually get MTX pads for the DH bike too.
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