What have you done to your bike today?


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Decided to give some attention to my terribly neglected fat bike. What a can of worms. Needs a new cassette, chain, Bottom Bracket, wheel and freehub bearings. The inner bearing on the freehub failed catastrophically...as in literally fell apart, which explains the weird howl I was getting last time out at the flow trails. Somehow I lost a spring for one of the pawls in the disassembly process because I'm awesome.

Oh Well, I've ridden the crap out of this bike with little to no maintenance for many miles so not a surprise. The frame could snap in half tomorrow and it wouldn't owe me a thing, but a couple hundred dollars in parts and I expect it will give me many more smiles. On the plus side it forces me to get reacquainted with my Canfield.

No pics of the maintenance, but heres one if the bike in action last week.

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Didn't think cables were possible on this frame. Wasn't it custom built with no cable guides?

Yes it was, but the plan was to just tape/zip tie/ somehow fasten the cable in place. And maybe add a chainstay wrap for good measure. Now I don’t have to worry about all that

Edit: the only place where there is no cable guides is on the chainstay
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