What have you done to your bike today?


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I learned this quick on my gravel/roadie-
I had to do an emergency stop,
and the brakes themselves worked perfectly fine locking up the wheels,
but smaller contact patch and lower profile tread on tarmac, I slid for quite a bit.
That was an eye opener, and a quickly learned lesson.

had nothing to do with the mass that needed to be decelerated. nah.


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Set the new XC wheelset up tubeless. Down to ~28lbs with them on.


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Good news! The larger chainring and lockring tool arrived quicker than expected, so I swapped the chainrings on the Deore cranks during my lunch break (another WFH benefit...). Turned out to be fairly easy, although the 3-bolt SRAM system is probably a bit easier. I actually rode the Grade outside yesterday (and maybe today as well), so I think I'll take the indoor trainer down for the season, which will give me room to work on the Chameleon. Weather permitting, I'm hoping to get out on dirt over the weekend.
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Ah, that brings back awful memories. At least black should be easier to match with nail varnish than the impossible kashima!
This thing is way past nail polish. Those vertical gray lines are grooves from where the scratch cut the seal and then I continued to ride it. It’s so f’d. The only good thing is it’s on the air side so as long as I make sure there’s oil in the fork it’s not a huge deal (Ive gone through a lot of oil). On the fence about buying new crown assembly or see if my Enves sell and just grab a new Zeb...
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