What have you done to your bike today?


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Got around to assembling our new hitch rack after losing our One-Up USA rack.

Couldn't bring myself to spend $600 for a new One-Up Double with fatbike kit, so searched the webs for reviews and prices.
Ended up with Rocky Mounts Mono Rail double bike rack for $300. Having owned the pitch forks from them, I knew they made quality products. This is actually their lower end product but got to say again quality product.

Weighs 39 pounds so not much different then the one-up. No need for fatbike kit as it accepts all wheel and tire sizes up to 5". They actually give an extension strap for strapping rear wheel for 5" tires.
Also comes with lock kits. Assembly took about 25 minutes. Drops easy and smooth with blue T handle.




I bought mine as an open box at $300 price and all parts were there and un damaged.
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Started to strip down the little 24” Giant I picked up off craigslist for one of my kids.
Going for a rigid budget build, 75% garage stock, 25% Ebay/pinkbike.

Hoping to get it to a manageable weight so she can get out there and see if she likes riding trails this spring.

Rocking the makeshift furnace room. My garage is frio!



how many miles? iv never had a tire go that way, mine usually start showing cracks with the threads poking thru, at that point i toss it to try and avoid flats, unless it causes a flat, then i toss it to avoid more ;)
No clue how many miles. Gonna replace it now tho


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Broke a toe clip off. It just pulled off the bolt, but i'm not sure i have the right allen key!



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Almost finished the craigslist rebuild for my daughter. According to my very ucalibrated bathroom scale, I shaved off over 5 lbs. However 2 of that may be attributable to the kickstand and deraileur guard alone!

Hit a few snags. Reused the existing fork which was the plan, but I didnt expect it to be as heavy as it is. It must just be hiten steel. I have a suitable rigid aluminum fork from a street trials bike that would work, but have to source a disc wheel to use it A disc front wheel would also allow me to hunt for a suitable 26er air fork to modify for it also.

X4 derailleur isn’t playing nice with the 40t cog. Supposedly a wolftooth streetlink will correct that, so I’ll be giving that a shot. If it doesnt work, I’ll just go with a standard cassette.

Overall pretty fun project. My daughter really loved learning how to clean and repack a hub (heavy sarcasm). Cant wait to get her out on it when the trails dry out. Hoping to eventually do some rides with the jr group.