What do do for legs?


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Hello All,

I entered my first race and would like to do some training to get more stamina in my legs. I dont have a rode bike, even if I did there is no time to ride my mountain bike and also a rode bike. I started running on a tread mill 3 times a week. Is there a running scenario that would help build leg stamina. Thanks for any information.




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It's something that just requires some more time on the bike. Squeak in an extra few miles here and there and you'll be surprised how much it helps. You don't own a road bike, so just take your MTB out around your neighborhood for some added saddle time. If you get more serious about racing, you'll need a road bike to get some good training miles in...



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Interval training! My first two races were horrible so I started doing interval training, both on a treatmill and on my bike. I experienced a large amount of gain (mostly in recovery time) in the same amount of training time... I felt really good at my last race and could have done another lap with the way my leg muscles were recovering after each climb.

Good luck.


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I ride every other day for 20 minutes it it helps sooooo much. Even if it is just playing around in the yard.
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