What did you do TODAY for your fitness?


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Disclaimer: the idea behind this is to try and create a little inspiration to do something every day that will benefit your fitness. I realize that there are weekend threads which doesn't have to conflict with this so if you currently post there for sharing that stuff that's cool. I think it is helpful to have something to help drive you to do stuff during the week. This doesn't have to limited to riding. If your schedule is crazy with work and family and so on and this gets you to do a bunch of push ups and sit ups before you do the post then its more than you would have done otherwise. Things like, ran up seven flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator counts if that is all you can get in for the day.
So what did you do today?


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damn, I had the trainer set up this morning and I decided to sleep in :eek:..
.if only i would've known there was going to be a thread like this :rolleyes:


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Today not much, tonight's ice hockey

This week was pretty good though -


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Well the trails were a slopfest today so out came the trusty road bike. 34 miles in about 2 hrs 15 mins including a few killer hills.

I'm always looking for ways to entertain myself while on the road. Today I started counting how many dead deer carcasses I passed on the side of the road. Grand total: 13.


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I jogged up 260' worth of stair towers twice today. It wasn't really for "fitness" but believe me it ends up being a serious workout! Added benefit of the view at the top is nice as well.

Also when I got home took my daughter around the complex while she rode her bike for about 1 1/2 hrs.


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Allthough I had off I was a bit pressed for time with taking my daughter to school and meeting my wife for lunch and normal house duties, I did however sneak in an hour at the gym.

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Work out(side).

Finished a two day job, ripping off the front of a house, removing and replacing the sills, studs, insulation, wall board, sheathing, trim, window frame and siding. Two guys, two 12 hour days. Outside on a vacant foreclosure. Could have been worse, it could have been cold.:D


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3 days a week at the gym

Monday: Chest + tri's
Wednesday: Squats, lower back (Dead lifts and a few others), shoulders
Friday: Back Bi's

Saturday + Sunday usually my biking or lazy days

T-Thur are my hiking/running/biking/resting days

I ride whenever else I can get someone to come with me or make time, on good weeks I'll be out 4-5 days a week, on bad weeks 1-2. I throw in the stationary bike when I know I've been skimping on real riding ( like now, spent the last week skiing)

90% of my lifting is lighter weight 5 pound increments followed by 2 high rep sets and 1 heavier set so for flat bench:

70-75-80 x10 reps, 40-40 x20 reps, 70 x10 reps
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Today a coworker and I took a long two hour lunch and rode a section of the D&R Canal path that I never even knew existed. This section of the path goes through Duck Island, kind of adjacent to the Riverline but meandering away from at times and eventually ends where Crosswick's Creek Meets the Delaware. Is this section of the tow path new or something?
I was pretty much born and raised there (Yardville/Bordentown) and never knew of this path.

It was a sloppy mess though!...Tracked all kinds of mud into the office.
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took the bamboo fixie out and hit the road, a section of six mile that no one knows exists, and the skate park all in one ride.


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I'm officially done for the day, did a 6am pretty high intensity spin class. Tonight while watching some TV with my wife did about an hour of push ups and stretching.