what did santa bring you?!


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santa was pretty good to me this year.

550 bucks towards my new bike

50 buck EMS gift card

under armor long sleeve top

vans iron maiden slipons

season 1 of carnival on dvd

season 2 of metalocalypse

beard trimmer

an ipod

some base layer pants
some wicking socks
some underwear
and a large antique stained glass panel
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so wait, you got $550 plus a bonus, or $550 total??

My wife and I didn't exchange gifts this year, it was actually quite nice. We did treat ourselves(read her) to a new TV last month. I buy stuff all year long so its no biggie.


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got a new job at Audi of manhattan
2 pair work boots
diaper bag with skull and cross bones on it
new messinger bag for my new commute into the city.
blackberry storm
hancock dvd
new single cup coffee brew n go
some grilling utencils
awesome set of steak knives
pajama pants
shaving razors
small mens grooming kit

and some more little stuff I cant remember

but the best gift was watching 9 month old Garrett in awe of his first christmas.

happy holidays everyone
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Horse-faced space dog
so wait, you got $550 plus a bonus, or $550 total??

My wife and I didn't exchange gifts this year, it was actually quite nice. We did treat ourselves(read her) to a new TV last month. I buy stuff all year long so its no biggie.

nah i got a 400 dollar bonus plus 150 from my folks.


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From my RideMonkey secret santa I got rims, road flares, and socks :)

Under the tree was:
Banksy Wall and Piece
Sussex County History book
Mountain Creek Tripple Play cards
External Harddrive
Hess Truck
and a new YoYo :)

I now need to find somone to buy my crossmax wheels so I can build up these new 29er wheels. I also have some new componants coming. Mary will have new clothes and shoes come spring :)


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Santa was pretty good to me:

Pair of Fox gloves
Pair of Schwalbe Racing Ralphs
Pair of Rotors
Inflatable Thermarest for Camping
Backpack for Climbing/Hiking
Sudoku Book
Olive Garden/Amex Giftcards

I can't complain.


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I must have been good this year.

Two Tool Boxes
Bell Volt Helmet
Ultimate Pro Elite Work Stand
Two Craft Baselayers. ProCool & ProZero
2 months mortgage payments from parents:D
Gift Certificate to Halter's

Bought myself...
Thule T2 Hitch mount bike rack
Stans Flow 29er Wheelset w/ DT240s Hub.


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Camridge Audio CD Player
Grateful Dead Illustrated Trip Book
Bass Pro Shop Gift Card
More Shelvs for the Garage-so I can hang more stuff
New Speedo Jamer-Look out Michael Phelps
Solar Yard Lights
Ted Nugent Book
New Thule Bike Rack

I still got two more parties left to go to today.
Then Eastern Orthodox Christmas at my parents in a couple of weeks.
I'm very lucky Man!!!

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!:D


I got an iPod touch and a laptop. This is an awesome Christmas. I hope everyone is having a good time. Merry Christmas to all.

Purple Liquid

Shop: Efinger
Shop Keep

BUT... I won a trip to Hawaii and to Tremblant!!

And for someone who works in a shop, my parents know better than to buy me bike parts. ;)

Merry Christmas!


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i scored a new trainer which is what i need for these winter months and rainy days,

a cycling wind breaker and clothes mostly...a very good christmas!


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From Santa I got

10 megapixel digital camera
Various gift cards (iTunes, The Gap)
Some blinking lights for road riding
An I.D. badge for road riding. Comes with a Velcro strap and includes name/address and two emergency numbers. Pretty good idea actually.

From the other Santa (me)

Last month, a Niner EMD (thanks J)
Easton Carbon Seat Post (thanks Wayne)
Months worth of bills from buying myself gifts.

Of course the best gift is being in Cali with my family.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Thursday!


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I got a kodak digital camera. Some Cds. MSR inflation kit, and in 4 days on my b-day im getting shoes and clipless petals:D
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