What Bird Did You See Today?

Also forgot about this we saw on my trip to Lake Wallenpaupack. Was cool to watch it fishing and catch stuff.

Tried to catch it mid flight to such a huge wingspan.

Thought it was an egret but may actually be a Heron after googling it.

Thanks! I'm still getting into birding. With the exceptions of cardinals and mourning doves most of the birds seem to be assholes. But they're endlessly fun to watch.

The asshole birds are the ones most visible. There are many other cool and interesting species around too but not always visible. Also different times of year trigger different activity, behaviors and migrations.

It’s worth noting that not all song birds visit bird feeders. Insectivores like warblers, flycatchers and many others typically don’t visit feeders.
Our second round of blue birds this year. We've had pretty good success for the past decade. The second rounders always struggle because of the summer heat. Recently we have been trapping a family of house sparrows, watching my wife murder these has been a treat 😂
The gift of having a back yard full of blue birds is them shitting all over the car doors angerly because their reflection in the mirrors freaks them out lol.
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