What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?


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Throwing this out again. Anyone interested in some beer swapping at Jorbafest? I live around the corner from Tonewood and the local beer store carries several SJ brewers that don't distribute north.


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Last night... OMG! Last night! Trap Rock Brewery in Berkeley Heights definitely craft their beer with passion, got a taste of Friday Vibes IPA, their Oktoberfest, Bock to the Future(Munich Lager) and Double Vision IPA all of those fine crafted beers along with some Yellow Fin Tuna Tacos IMG_20220920_202937005.jpgIMG_20220920_203117510.jpgIMG_20220920_202711605.jpgIMG_20220920_205731126.jpg


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Yes, Yes it is!

quem é mais melhor?

Mega Treat or Jumbo Treat
will have to do a 'manic science experiment with the 5 at once "Tiny, regular, Super, Mega, Jumbo"....but based off memory, I think I like the regular the most...or was it Mega.....could be Super....definitely not Jumbo


In the meantime….

CF03F990-579D-41CA-BF6B-AC43997E5451.jpegEnd of the Rainbow is the most intense rendition of our Rainbow series featuring a boatload of citrus-forward American hops a top a rich pale malt base. Pouring a glowing yellow color in the glass, it carries notes of orange creamsicle, mango jubilee, and tropical hop oils balanced by a quenching bitterness. A Tree House original through and through, it begs to be shared with friends and family alike as it does not require much of a leap of faith to fall in love with. Enjoy!
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