What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?


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Special edition post tonight.
The first time having a draft at Mecca since the whole world went to shit.
Cotdam I have missed this.
In the glass, All Riot Everything collab with Prison City. Just delicious.

Partner in crime is a neighbor who I have taught the waze of the haze

Met this cutie- had treats in the car, so I’m her new bestie

Packed the cooler too

And because I KOM’ed the FDR on the way home.


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Did a nice 20 mile ride to Grasshopper today for a Sam Adams October.
The beer was great, but I didn't want to hang around too finish my pint,
so I poured half in my water bottle. Best damn water bottle I ever had.
Camelbak Eddy kids vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle. It fell off my
bike last week and got run over, but it didn't die! Misshapen, but not dead.
The good part is beer is carbonated, but this bottle holds it fine with no overflow.
When you bite the nipple to drink, it's right there for you, and cold. I'm glad I had
my emergency money on the seat post too.


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