What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?


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This is what happens when I mix 2 half kegs of okay NEIPAs, I get one keg of awesomeness! A little bit of honey from the malts, orange from some Mandarina Bavaria, Zythos, and Cashmere, pineapple from El Dorado and Amarillo and passionfruit from Galaxy. I have to watch myself with this one, it doesn't seem like the 8% that the two mix to.20210528_174504.jpg

Ronnie B

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It's a seltzer but the only reason I mention it in here is it's from one of our state's finest breweries:


I'm drinking the grapefruit, next black cherry.

Believe me, I'd rather be drinking Coastal Evaluation by Cape May but IPAs go right for the gut, especially when you're about to turn 56. :D


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Citra mosaic galaxy with warrior bittering. Not quite carbed yet(kegged yesterday) but smell and taste are stellar. Again the passionfruit from the galaxy is steering this one even thought it's only a small percentage of the hops but a citrusy tropical taste is not far behind. Very juicy mouth feel and the abv is not noticeable at all(only 6.5%). I'm having some fun with this.
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