What are your biking goals for 2007?


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What are your biking goals for 2007?

For me, first and foremost- lose weight (~220lb.s now- 200lb by May)

Drop from 32X20 to (at least) 32X19 on my SS.

Race as many of the Campmor Races as I possibly can.

Race as many of the Campmor Races on my SS as I possibly can.

Ride Blue Marsh a couple of times this season.

Discover all the secrets Mahlon has to offer.

Conquer the log piles in Deer Park that spook the hell out of me and shouldn't

Ride 6 Mile... alot this season.
I'm going to be putting some time in at Diablo this season so my goal is to not crash too much.
For me, I would just like to get more quality riding time in, not just dicking around in the woods wondering what Im going to do when I get home. I would like to become more focused, yet still have fun and enjoy what Im doing.

I would also like to do more group rides and begin riding after work during the week, and travel to different parks, not just the same handful I always go to.

Blue Marsh has been on my list of things to do for years, just never had the stones to go, hopefully this year is the year.
Don't break any bones.

Jump off stuff at Diablo.

Ride Kittatinny.

Ride Six Mile.

Ride Glen Park.

Don't break any bones.
- Quadruple my '06 TIS (shouldn't be that hard to do);
- Drop to 186 by the end of June;
- Start a recognized tm program at Mahlon Dickerson;
- Dark Horse 40;
- all-a-moochy
get my fat arse riding again after stopping in 2000
(picking up the bike this weekend)

drop some serious weight, I have gained alot, especially in the last year
I'm with Jason at Diablo and trying...well at least thinking about how not to kill myself. I also like the more campmor races...I only did Lewis Morris last year and would maybe like to do the whole series. But overall just want to really enjoy biking this year not take anything too serious but not slack on effort either...feed the habit
Feeled golds

Go riding with good friends more often.

Try to add more sarcasm to my rides.

-See the 1970's again...oh wait, I mean the 170s (186 this morning).
-Do at least one H2H race
-10 (or more) laps in the 24 HOA
-Just finish the Dark Horse 40
-All-A-Muchy, just 1 lap thanks, say 4:30 as a goal
-Hillier Than Thou (subject to me pussying out because this is way beyond my reach)
My realistic goals:

- Ride a little further than last year
- Ride a little faster than last year
- More saddle time(trail, trainer, rail trail w/ the kids -anything involving pedaling)
- Ride the Allamuchy 50k and just finish
- Maybe do one XC race
- Convert one of my old hardtails to SS and give that a try
Goals this year.
1: To attend a group ride in order to put some names to faces.
2: Would like to do a Rail to Trail ride with my kid or kids.
3: ride the 5 boro again and start toward the front.
4: pick up a used/cheap frame to build a 29er again.
> enter at least one 12 hr. race. (maybe Stewart this year?)

> get up the cuhones to do some of the huge (for me, anyway) rollers on the Summit trail at Blue Mtn.

> to make it over the first and last bridges on the Six Bridges trail at RW. Both have an excessively rocky lead-in which makes them very difficult to maintain my ever so fragile balance.

> to participate in at least one TM session each at RW and Wawayanda.

> to clean that nasty series of rollers (heading downhill) and the pursuant rock garden on the Rattlesnake trail at Wawayanda.
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