What are you watching now?


Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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Finished Season 2 of Why Women Kill
The ending was excellent.

Up to date for Foundation, and The Morning Show

If you liked The West Wing or The Newsroom, The Morning Show is a good choice.

Got my Squid Games on. Watch Korean with English Subtitles. The English voice over is horribly inflected.
They used the team from the martial arts movies. (Good call @JimN ^^^ ?)

Dune drops in a week - first half of a two-parter. Spice!

Stopped watching Mr Corman. Too F'in depressing. Even when it looks like something is going to break his way,
he (or someone else) torpedos it. Yeah, spoiler.

Nomadland was a quasi-documentary on an alternate life style. Somewhat requires opening the mind to the struggles of people living that way by choice.
Common values in the community, and how they support each other? I'm not sure "like" is something i'd apply to that genre. The story is compelling.
I wasn't going to turn it off. Felt I learned something tho.
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