What are you watching now?


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Game Show Network because the triggering content is nil.

I'm a nerd, so bear with me:
Archer- better than the coma seasons.
Marvel's What If????- hasn't been as good as I hoped. So much material to draw from, but it's been meh
Star Trek Discovery- better than I anticipated, looking forward to Brave New Worlds with Anson Mount
The New York Jets- they sucked me back in after getting rid of Gase


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Anyone else watch Nomadland yet? It's getting rave reviews but I really wasn't into it. Beautiful backdrops but very boring. Frances McDormand working at Amazon and putting stuff in boxes, cleaning bathrooms, shoveling potatoes? Yawn.
It was very boring. Very.


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Just finished watching Broadchurch and I'm catching up on the second season of Deadwind. I really need to find some "lighter" TV shows to watch.
Did you watch Why Women Kill
Dark comedy.

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Yeah, I am going to say the way it ended was worth putting up with some of the weird voiceovers. That woman’s voices with the long hair was just ridiculous, haha.
I was told we were supposed to watch the subtitled version, not the dubbed.


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Heard from a guy during fishing that The Blacklist is very good. Gonna give it a try.

Diminishing returns. Season 1 is good then every season gets less good snd more nonsense laden. The later episodes are almost comic in how silly the story gets. But mostly entertaining overall.

Note that I didn’t watch the last season or so. Is it still going?


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i think blacklist is done, they did do the last season during this mess. I enjoyed it, so did the w1fe, but @Norm nailed it on the diminishing returns.
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