What are you watching now?


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Just watched the last episode of Orange is the new Black. Good watch wanting more.

I like Netflix and Amazon for binge watching.

Post what your binging and share

Dustin and I highly recommend trailer park boys....


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Breaking Bad.
Battlestar Galactica.
The IT Crowd.
The League.
House of Cards.


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I watched the new Fargo series on FX on my last trip. That was pretty good.


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real house wives just ended, so the reunion show should be on soon


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Current binge:
The Office (US)

Last binges:
The Wire
All the variations of Wallander
True Detective

Next binge options:
The Office (UK)
Arrested Development (though I've heard mixed reviews of the new epis)
News Radio
Freaks & Geeks

In the mix- BBC/PBS/A&E:
American Masters
George Gently
Longmire- so awful it's good

On the radar:
House of Cards
The Americans
Eastbound & Down
The Leftovers
The Walking Dead

And Trailer Park Boys is awesome.
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Binged on orange, also Lillehammer. I think I watched the whole series of breaking bad in a week or so, I think I gained some weight that week! My wife and I binged on homeland and can't wait for it to start again. Couldn't get into house of cards. Binged Ray Donovan, good show.


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Rewatching Dr. Who, up to Series 6. The Leftovers. Started Sherlock. After Sherlock will be True Detective. At some point in the fall I'll start on OITNB and probably Sons of Anarchy. Along w/ The Walking Dead, Arrow, I'll try Gotham and Flash. Maybe Torchwood eventually.


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Been totally binging on (US) the office, funny shit, waiting for that fonzi jump but shit keeps getting better...


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Just finished the first season of Penny Dreadful. It's pretty dope. I'm also caught up on The Strain which was entertaining, but has slowly become just a predictable 'zombie apocalypse' story only using a different take on vampires. I could care less at this point. It was just 'filler' programming.

Last night I watched Gotham and was not impressed at all. I see what they're trying to do with the origin of 'Detective' James Gordon but I think it will end up going the way of 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' (consequently comes back tonight also) and jump the shark sooner than later.

Fall shows are coming back. Scandal is back this week. ABC's newest 'How to Get Away With Murder' looks interesting, that also premiers this week. American Horror Story (season 1 is still the best) is back in 2 weeks, and The Newsroom sits tops my list shows I'm looking forward to and comes back in November.


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bubble guppies, little Einstein, octanauts
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