what about wharton?

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i'm not sure where wharton falls but we'll take a look at it. you're right though, it looks like JAR is completing a pretty serious loop in there.

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I used to ride in the Wharton and Lebanon parks back in the mid 90's with the Outdoor Club of South Jersey (or NJOC, or something like that...). Can be fun to ride... great as a Winter spot (sand hardens up, brush isn't as thick and the bugs are gone).

There can be difficulty in putting a loop together. Many of the "trails" are fire-cuts through the forest that are kept open by dual-sport bikes (which are legal there if tagged). The down side is many of the fire cuts don't go anywhere and you'll find yourself back-tracking.

I got roped into leading a ride there once and it was tough... lots of stopping (since I was dead-set on keeping everyone together) and more than a few mistaken turns. Some folks were appreciative (beginners)... some were pissy (roadies looking for off-season training)... what can you do...

I wouldn't mind going back there, but defintiely has to be in the Fall/Winter.


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I've been out at Wharton a few times and the ~6mile single track MTB trail is well-established and well-marked. It's a great ride and I highly recommend adding it to the SoJo forums. The ranger station provides maps as well.


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If anyone has GPS coordinates for the parking areas, please PM them to Norm or me, so we can add it to the "Trail Directory.
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