what a mess - condition report 3.20.10

the 4-2-0 kid

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Today was a complete disaster at Bald Pate. Lots of trees down and mud everywhere. I prob walked about 1/4 of the ride. The nice part is Harvey's Trail is dry but it is not worth the climb to get there.

things of note:
-need a chainsaw crew
-one of the red houses/barns up by the "James E Howard" sign , roof either collapsed or a tree branch crushed it. ill dig a up a nice pic for posterity.

the 420 kid

the 4-2-0 kid

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trees were down on almost every trail i rode.

one at the bottom of the wood chip hill was turned into a sweet log jump though. (Cheers to who started it cuz i finished it.)


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I road on Saturday (3/27/10) along the summit and there was a number of trees still down. Especially on the connector trails (including the "u") from summit trail to the red trail. I did not ride the Ted Stiles side since it was soggy.

Moved a few down tree branches off to the side and built up a log over. Someone needs to bring in the right equipment to cut some of this stuff up.

Actual condition of trail bed was good, except for the normal low lying areas before climbing back up.
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