Wharton Conditions as of 02/05


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im not a current member of that yahoo group. can you post the info in here?

This was posted on the JAR group site by Kurt(the trail boss/designer/one man mowing crew of the Wharton trails).

Walked a bit of the Wharton SF Batsto FireTower trail (green) this Thursday
evening. Snow accumulation is zero to approx. 1.25 inches. Saw no tire tracks
(but that's prob'ly just a matter of time).

The ground is frozen to more than two inches deep. So with the big thaw coming
this weekend, you can expect to see a lot of standing water where you have seen
none before. (At least until the ground thoroughly thaws. No mud though. Riding
on a prehistoric sandbar does have its perks.) Arrive early and ride often.

Thanks. -kw
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Wharton Trails a mess

The trails were ok when we rode in to the TM sight @ 10:30 AM.
But were a mess with mud and standing water on the ride out on 4:30 PM.


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Road Ride in the south

The temperature stayed above freezing and the trails are all a mess.
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