West Essex Rail Trail


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anyone ever hear of this trail?

Considering its urban location, this trail is a jewel in the rough, offering what might be the longest legal off-road cycling opportunity in the Essex-Hudson County area.

You won’t find technical singletrack or monster hill climbs here, but the trail does offer some relief from traffic and noise pollution. This is an out-and-back route on one of New Jersey’s least known and only moderately used rail trails. Although located in the heavily urbanized part of the state, the trail passes through sections of woodland, providing a short escape from the surrounding congestion. ...
Never heard of it, but I'm interested in checking it out.....can you send some directions? Thanks for the heads-up!
this is all the information I can find.

New Jersey

Nearest Town:
cedar grove

Directions to Trailhead:
parkway north exit #148 to Bloomfield Ave. Follow west to Rte.23 (Pompton Ave). Follow Rte. 23 going under RR overpass in Cedar Grove. 200' ahead make right on to Little Falls Ave.Turn right at Community Park sign.At flagpole follow paved path to play area. Short side trail to left (go over small bridge) leads to main trail.

Trail Description:
considering where it rates 3 tires. Non maintained rail trail about 3.5 miles long with several road crossings. Many short side trails ending on private property. Peckman River actually quite attractive,unfortunatly trestle across it in bad shape. Would advise avoiding it.To access the southern half of the trail follow yellow blazes past the playground and ballfield crossing the river via a small bridge. you will be back on Little Falls Road. Straight ahead is Pompton Ave. where you initally turned right. Look left for RR overpass, Follow steps up overpass to access trail. Follow to Fairview Ave,turn around.... Nothing wild or wooley but at least it's a place to ride in the middle of all the congestion.

Trail Length:
apx, 3 miles (one way)

Trail Type:

Skill Level:
Peckman trail is a great place to knock off 3 miles (one way). There's a small group of us that try and ride it a few mornings a week before work to keep the legs in shape.

I wouldn't classify it as intermediate by any strectch. It's pretty well maintained gravel/dirt, and all the bridges are repaired and it great shape. A very short, slight uphill is the hardest thing you'll find. As it's part of the rails2trails system it's relatively flate grade and about 10-12 feet in most spots. Only the last 100-200 yards are singletrack, with a nice little zig-zag.There are a few road crossings that can sneak up on you, so be cautious the first time till you know where they are.

You'll see a small number of joggers and walkers in the AM.

Trail entrance is just north of the Verona High School on Fairfield avenue. There's a few paper machines on the side of the road as landmarks.

It certainly is a lot more fun considering the alternative of riding on the road w/the mntn bike. Like was said before, it's a little diamond in the rough for the local crowd, but I wouldn't go out of my way to ride it.

any further details - let me know
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