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Thanks to Bike N Gear in Somerset for telling me of this site - I've been searching for mountain biking people, places, and things - since I finally bought a bike three weeks ago.

I used to mountain bike years ago - like more than 10 - now I want back in! I bought a Gary Fisher Marlin - been riding streets every day since I bought it. Either that or the Canal.

So mainly looking for people and places I suppose - to begin again in Central New Jersey - will surely need things shortly.

Safe Trip Home,

PS: I have a Jeep that tends to find mud and trails quite well if anyone's into that.
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welcome to the nuthouse! :D

i used to offroad a lot but broke too much stuff...so, i sold the reliable and well built 98 TJ and now i have an 82 scrambler that needs work. hmmmmm....

jersey girl rides is also into jeeps and sorta in your area.


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Strong like bull, smart like tractor
Team MTBNJ Halter's
here ya go fred. the flying leap.

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