Welcome! The 2008 Women's mtbnj.com Race Team!


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Well two months after the original team announcement we're thrilled to finally follow that up with the 2008 Women's Team Announcement! It's been a while coming but we're happy to be formally announcing that mtbnj.com will be fielding a women's team in 2008. The team is currently six women strong, and having spoken with each member quite a bit, I feel that not only do we have a bunch of good athletes out there wearing the jersey, but good people as well. We have high hopes for these ladies, not just to race and be successful, but to help more bring women into the sport. They have a big task both on and off the bike as they're going to be role models to lots of little girls out there watching their parents race and wondering if they can do it. Please join me in welcoming them to the team. The following are their bios, in their own words.

Nicole Bostdorff aka JerseyGirl
Mountain biking became a part of my life well over a decade ago when my wonderful husband Brad, then boyfriend, introduced me to the sport. Our little day trips soon turned into longer epic rides all over the East Coast. I started to race in 2002 where I experienced my first round of success. From the anticipation of the race to the relaxation at festivals such as Pedro's Fest and Mountain Bike Weekend, biking has become more of a lifestyle each year. Brad even proposed on a ride at Pedro’s, which eventually lead to custom Ti SS wedding presents. I currently live in northern New Jersey backed up to Wawayanda State Park where I can be found on the trails riding my SS or 29er. For me, one motivating factor to ride fast is to get away from the bears. I look forward to representing Team MTBNJ.com and the great people I have already met through the site.

2002 New Jersey State Cycling Series First Place Overall Women's Beginner Class
2003 New Jersey State Cycling Series 2nd Place Overall Women's Sport Class
2003 1st Place Coed Team at the 1st Annual Running of the Dogs
2004 2nd Place 24 Hour Of Allamuchy 19-39 Women and 2nd Place overall Women
2005 1st Place 24 Hours of Allamuchy coed team>
2007 2nd Place 24 Hours of Allamuchy 19-39 Women and 3rd Place overall Women

Nadine Dalesandro aka Neen
2007 - 1st place H2H Kittatiny race - women's beginner class. Somehow made me state champion
2006 - New York state women's beginner downhill state champion. Technically, because I never got my annual NORBA license, and mostly because I was the only one dumb enough to do the last race in the rain/snow/mud and had no competition!
I've placed 2nd in my category in the Mountain Man biathalon twice, and also came in 2nd in my category in the King of the Hill biathalon. And I don't know how many were in my category because I didn't ask, so you shouldn't either! This is all in the past few years. Done some adventure racing as well.
And I ride a heck of a lot!

Beth Schwartz aka Sweaty Betty
Age: 34

I remember sitting on my sofa watching Ecco Challenge while eating Oreos and smoking cigarettes thinking, one day I will do something like that. A little over 2 years ago my boss at the time introduced me to adventure racing...I quit smoking and used a year's worth of cigarette money to buy my Trance. While it was a rocky and bloody start, I could not imagine life without biking now!

I have done several races in the past two years: 7 Genesis Adventure Races, The Savage Adventure Race, The Longest Day Adventure Race, the 24 Hours of Allamuchy twice, The Lewis Morris Challenge, The Darkness 909, The King of The Hill, and the ITC Triathlon.

For me it is all about the fun and the personal challenge.

I am looking forward to the 2008 season!

Sherry Shapiro aka chemgirl
Mountain biking was my hobby many moons ago when I lived in Monmouth County. Huber/Hartshorne were both a quick bike ride from my house so I caught the fever back then. Then came pregnancies and kids and a five year hiatus from my bike. I now live in Hunterdon County, have three wonderful little boys, and have rediscovered my love of mountain biking. I ride Round Valley the most, but I'm relatively new to the whole scene. I did some riding at CR and Hartshorne over the summer and a few other places here and there. November will be my one year anniversary back on the bike.
In my previous life, bc, i did organic synthesis in pharmaceutical research at Schering Plough, I also taught chemistry at BCC for a couple years....I now raise three up-and-coming mountain bikers, don't know which is more challenging!
I'm new to racing but look forward to 2008.

Maryanne Surowiec aka Mare45
I love mountain and road biking, hiking, camping, and anything related to the outdoors. I have been biking since 1992, completing many road bike tours, 5k runs, and just started racing on my bike in 2006. Thus far I have only raced beginner at Fair Hills (2nd place) in 2006, and Kittatiny (1st place) in 2007, and I would like to get out there to race more, meet people with similar interests, and have a ton of fun. Prior to biking monopolizing my life, I was a competitive equestrian and still like to ride for fun when I can. Currently I have a cat and a dog…my dog goes everywhere with me and cannot wait to meet everyone!

In 2008, I plan to race sport. It will probably kill me, but I think I need to step up from beginner.

Ruth Tummey aka rocknrollgirl
Home Base-Manahawkin
Biology Teacher
Favorite spots to ride- Hartshorne, Round Valley, Blue Marsh. Love them Hills!
In the stable-Titus Racer X, Marin East Peak

I got in to riding years ago with my husband, and then put it aside to backpack and climb. I came back to it about 5 years ago by entering an adventure triathlon that included mt biking. I had forgotten how much fun it was. A race or two later and I was hooked. Not only on mt biking, but on racing. After two seasons of adventure races and mt bike races, I decided to focus on Xterra off road triathlons.

The 2007 season was devoted to training and racing Xterra, culminating in a qualifying spot at the National Championship in Lake Tahoe Nevada.
In 2008, I plan to race Xterra again, and also get back to pure mt bike racing.

My husband and I train and race together. We share a great group of mt biking friends, all of whom have been incredibly supportive of me during my training.
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as anyone who has spoken to me knows, pulling together a women's team was a huge priority for me. i have two little girls who at the age of three have already overcome a ton of stuff between the two of them starting with the month they spent in the NICU when they were born. i feel obligated to them, and to all of our little girls for that matter, to show them every day that they can kick ass with any boy out there. that there are no limits to what they are capable of other than those they put on themselves...and that they have no limits.

ok, so that said, welcome girls.


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Right on!

Most excellent! Even more cool stuff to look forward to in 2008!:D


Good job Ruth, congrats to all.

Let's hope I can keep up tomorrow :p.


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This is really cool! Sounds like more women coming out to race. Good luck to you all! I look forward to 2008.


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Thanks everyone....I will be pretty busy doing both Xterra and mt biking, but I have a plan....an evil master plan to make it all work..... as long as my friends and family don't expect me to doing anything normal, like go to a picnic, or grocery shop!
Now I just need those 2008 race dates....

It is going to be a fun season.


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YaY Nadine 'n MaryAnne! Congratulations to all the women! What a class act this team is. Kudos to bonefish for his post too. Good stuff.;)


Thanks for all your good wishes. Bonefish thanks for your amazing words :"they can kick ass with any boy out there. that there are no limits to what they are capable of other than those they put on themselves...and that they have no limits."
looking forward to a GREAT race season
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