Welcome New mtbnj.com partners!!!


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i'd just like to take a minute to welcome two new local bike shop partners to the mtbnj.com family:

cycle craft of parsippany & long valley http://www.cyclecraft.com/


marty's reliable cycle of morristown, randolph and hackettstown http://martysreliable.com/

we are thrilled to have these two shops on board with us for a number of reasons. lets do all we can to make sure we're supporting those folks that are supporting the mtbnj.com community! that said...

thanks fellas. welcome.
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Great to be able to go whatever bike shop is closest in a time of need. It's really exciting around here. Welcome Marty's! RyanE says, "hello" Cyclecraft.


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Welcome. I've purchased one of my bikes from Cyclecraft and a rack from Marty's. Glad to have them on board.

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I haven't been to cyclecraft that often, but they seem like a a great bunch of bike folks. As for Marty's it is just one of those shops that you know the second you walk through the door, you are among people who are all about the bike lifestyle. To say that they are welcome additions is a gross understatement. Thanks to both shops for your support and I will return the support as I continue to wear out and/or break parts at regular intervals.


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More New Friends

well, the mtbnj.com love (or virus?) just keeps spreading. we are thrilled to welcome two new LBS partners to our little family:

beachwood bikes located "at the shore" in Beachwood, NJ http://www.beachwoodbikes.com/ greg is a great guy and they have a real cool website (there a guy riding UP a freakin' tree!) so check it out.


bicycle tech located in lincoln park. richie is apparently still using a rotary dial phone and a tandy 1000 to surf the internet so they don't have a website...yet. i'm told it's in the works though. until then, give rich and scott a call and say hi @ (973) 694-6775. tell 'em jake sent ya.

thanks fellas...and welcome!



Great Shop

If you are in the market for a Rocky, Orbea, or Specialized check them out.

The service is also top notch. You will not be disappointed :D
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