Weekend Update - October in the House


Mayor McCheese
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Ok everyone, time to get your Autumn on. The leaves are falling in my yard, the temps are down in the 40s when I get up, and this weekend marks the last of the H2H races. No more JORBAfest, no more picnic. Get out and ride while you can!


Now! - The MTBNJ Fundraiser - So maybe it's not really an event...


10/4 (Sat) - Westwood CX - Somewhere or other
10/5 (Sun) - CX #2 - Somewhere south I believe? Elmer? Hillbilly? Bort?
10/5 (Sun) - Chainstretcher - The last of the H2H races up at Blue Mountain.


10/2 (Thu) - WazuPalooza - The one man wrecking crew hits Deer Park
10/2 (Thu) - Skyline - NJMX
10/4 (Sat) - Guerrillas in the Midst - Travelling Hooligans come to Mahlon Dickerson.
10/5 (Sun) - Wawayanda - Life is good, ride NJ.

TM Sessions

10/5 (Sun) - South Mountain - Continuing the work on a new re-route along the Turtleback (Orange) trail.

Trail Conditions

Users post it up!


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Ramapo was muddy on the bottom side of 287 and soft in spots the rest of the way as of last night.


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Someone just reported that 6-mile is muddy and slick as snot. In addition, it is raining there now. :(

Brian Snyder

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Hartshorne and Huber are wet, with the usual soft spots. Lots of sand this year due to the large amount of users, and a misconcepton that it can be ridden right after,/during rain, "because it drains well. " The trails are draining down thru sand that has been exposed due to rain erosion. That being said, the trails are in fair shape, but it has been raining. Just use common sense. I also agree with Frank, Allaire is crazy good right now.


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came home half dead from sourlands. slippery rocks = no fun.
oh well it was more of a bike commute to the summit do some bouldering than an actual ride.


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Rode Hartshorn & C.R. today, Hartshorn wet in the usual spots not too much standing water anywhere good cond. C.R. Wet! its going to need a few days to dry up, bad section, white rock side going down to gilbrid, newman lane side across the street from parking lot, the back section, leading down to the rocky climb were all the roots are if that helps any.


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took a spin around lewis morris yesterday afternoon. the place is in great shape. i haven't been there in a while - i forgot how fast that place is.


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6MR has mostly dried up as of Sat morning. A few puddles here and there. C'mon out.
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