Weekend Update: 4/17


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Rode the Tourne Tuesday night and conditions were great. Saw Glancing Aft there, and he is looking pretty fast, too. Outlook - good to go for the weekend.


JORBA: Ringwood
Ringwood in excelent condition!

Skyline, in good condition. A few muck holes from the quads. Most deadfall has been removed and one muck hole armored Tuesday.


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4/16- Clayton did not have one bit of moisture

Word on the street is 6MR is experiencing primo conditions.
Ill be there and CR tonight.


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I rode Allamuchy from the Waterloo side yesterday. Dry & firm. The only water was at the creek crossings where it belongs.


Allaire is dry , fast, and with virtually no logstacles because some asshole removed almost all of them.....even across the street. :mad3::mad3:
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Hartshorne/Huber: Dry, dry, dry. Actually getting loose in the usual places now.


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My office is in great shape too...but I am NOT!! Work is killing me!
I need to ride ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! :getsome::getsome:

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hartshorne/huber was great...6mile sounds real good...but i went to mercer with dirty bert and some of his friends and that place was fun...not hard at all but had lots of fun...prob gonna coin flip those 2 places...


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Chimney Rock has some mud in the notorious areas that never dry. Everything else is dry, packed, and fast.

Glancing Aft

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Saw Glancing Aft there, and he is looking pretty fast, too.
Fast compared to a rock, or a tree, yes. compared to the competition, that's yet to be seen.

This week I rode the Tourne, Waywayanda, and Ringwood. All three rode amazingly well. Ringwood was the only one with any substantial wet spots but just on the fireroads. It should be a great weekend, get out there and ride!!!


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KVSP - A-O-Frikkin-K.

trails were nice and fast, mostly dry. no bugs. unfortunately, i got out around 2:00, forgot my water and overheated, and locked my keys in my trunk after the ride. this is what i get for missing drop-off practice.


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one-on-one lessons would have been cool. spent the morning and afternoon doing yard and planting work with colin, which was even cooler...
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